Welcome to an exciting week in the wood, at the mountain, and on lakes and rivers in Trysil wilderness.

The whole week will you and your guides traveling around in the wonderful nature in the remote area in the Taiga area.  You will every day enjoy a new and fun tour, and learn a lot of how to live with the nature.   This program is made for 6 days – but it’s possible to make shorter if your time is short.

Day 1 Arrive Trysil

We will just have a short meeting and give you and the group some information about the next days.

Day 2 Trysil Safari 3-4 hours

An introduction to your week in Trysil as we head through the forests, learning about the various flora, taking it slowly and quietly there is the chance of seeing moose, deer, bear and beaver plus a myriad of other fauna. We then make our own fire where we prepare hot drinks and a light lunch.

Day 3 Canoeing Tour – 4 hours

A magical trip on the rivers and lakes of Trysil, after a short instruction you will soon be enjoying a paddle deep in the wild nature, we will break for camp at the waterside where we will cook a small lunch before finishing this great adventure.

Day 4 Wilderness Survival Event – 8 hours

After our two day introduction to the nature, today we will have our very own scouts adventure, learning how to survive in the wilderness, your guide will teach you everything you would need to compete with Bear Grylls! From finding food and water, to shelter and making fire, and of course the most important how to navigate without any tools.

Day 5 Free day

Do as little or as much as you would like today.

Day 6 Old Fashioned Fishing  – 4 hours

Spend a gentle relaxing day in the river fishing with simple equipment going back the basics of fishing in the past, whilst catching a fish would cap the day off, it is more about relaxing in the nature, but for the champion fisherman there is the chance to eat the catch of the day.

Day 7 Hiking Trysil Style – 4-6 hours

Finish the week with a wonderful hike through the forests taking in views over to Sweden, on route you can maybe hone the skills you have picked up through the weeks to see animal tracks or help build the campfire for cooking the light lunch and hot drinks.

Day 8 Depart Trysil


General information about the tour and the program

This tour is for minimum 4 person, and maximum 8 persons.  All transport from the hotel, cabin or camping spot and back again from the tour are included in the price per person (from day 2 to day 7).
You need to be at normal health, recommended age limit from 10 years. Suitable for families with children. No prerequisites are required, just a desire to become friends with the wilderness.

We will make you a list of what you will need for these tours.  It is just to let you know what bring with you.  All food and hot drinks on the tours are included in the price.

Price Adult NOK 4800
Price Child NOK 3500 (up to age 12)

Transport to and from Trysil are not included (day 1 and day 8), but we can arrange transport from Oslo Airport and return.

Stayover is not included in the price:  But there are several options to a find a good place to stayover in Trysil. We can help you to come in contact with hotels, cabins or camping sites with phone, e-mail, addresses so you can find your best stayover in Trysil.

This tour is available in June, July and August.

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Nature experiences are never guaranteed.

Although we try to recommend some periods we cannot guarantee that you will experience what you have come for, for example northern lights, animals since our success rate depends on Nature.

We therefore ask you to make allowances for any changes from the tour itinerary. If we are unable to offer a certain service due to an unforeseen situation, you will be offered a similar service.

Outdoor activities are also weather dependent. If we are forced to cancel an activity due to extreme weather conditions, an alternative activity suitable for the current conditions will be provided. Please note that changes may occur at a short notice.

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