Learn how to use snowshoes

Going on snowshoeing is the easiest winter sport to learn – can you go, you can also go snowshoeing.

We start easily and in a flat terrain with instruction of the most elementary. Training will be with or without pools

On a snowshoe ride you burn more calories than a regular walk, ride or run at the same pace. You exercise not only fitness but also balance and strength.

Using snowshoes is safe and we welcome students from the age of 5 years. A snowshoe ride is a fun activity where the whole family can participate and you can visit areas that are hard to reach by others.

The hour contains the following elements:
Get comfortable taking your snowshoes on and off.
We walk an easy route to test the equipment and to fit the snowshoes.
We will do a small test of running, going backwards, sideways with the snowshoes.
Have fun – remember there are no rules on how to go snowshoeing, other than enjoying the delicious winter experience.

Remember to dress for the conditions – so comfortable and warm. Bring something to drink and snacks.

1 hour instruction includes:
Snowshoes, pools, and instructor
Price for adult NOK 250.- Children NOK 200
Transport is not included in the price, but can be arranged.

We agree to meet a place that is available to everyone, and remember – its fun to go snowshoeing. For the youngest (5-12), a snowshoeing certificate will be issued after the instruction hour.

Wolverine Adventure – Trysil Snowshoe School

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Nature experiences are never guaranteed.

Although we try to recommend some periods we cannot guarantee that you will experience what you have come for, for example northern lights, animals since our success rate depends on Nature.

We therefore ask you to make allowances for any changes from the tour itinerary. If we are unable to offer a certain service due to an unforeseen situation, you will be offered a similar service.

Outdoor activities are also weather dependent. If we are forced to cancel an activity due to extreme weather conditions, an alternative activity suitable for the current conditions will be provided. Please note that changes may occur at a short notice.

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