Bush Craft – how to survive in the wilderness

Wolverine Adventure offers an exciting and fun day in the woods where you will learn and test basic knowledge in several areas within wilderness survival skills, giving you better insight and confidence in which choices are best suited.

You need to be at normal health, recommended age limit from 12 years. Suitable for families with children. No prerequisites are required, just a desire to become friends with the wilderness.

Summer / Autumn program.
Wilderness survival skill is the knowledge of survival in the wilderness. We will spend a lot of time on the following topics:
– How to light a fire and find suitable bonfire regardless of the season.
– Navigate in the wilderness – with and without compass.
– How to cook on fire.
– Tracking – We follow tracks of animals and humans.
– Hunting and fishing – how to make snare, fishing, hunting with simple tools.
– Make an overnight stay (gap hatch).
– Find water and food in the wilderness.
– How to treat various tools safely (knife, ax).

After the trip, there will be a small evaluation and some advice and tips on what and how the participant can develop his / her skills.

The choice of meeting place varies – but it will be using untouched wilderness to make the conditions as realistic as possible. The maximum travel time from Trysil city center will vary from 10 to 45 minutes, depending on the participants and conditions.

Your guide has long experience from many countries and has worked with guided tours for many years in hunting and adventure. Instructor in several areas related to Wilderness Survival Skill.

Practical information:
A day trip takes between 6-8 hours and requires no prior knowledge. A list of what you should bring in the bag will be sent to you by SMS or e-mail.
Price per Participates in NOK 1200.
The price includes: Guide, food and drink for a simple meal, access to various tools such as ax, knife.
Transport to the agreed meeting point is not included in the price, but we can arrange transportation for you if you wish.
Equipment / dressing: Daypack with rainwear, cutlery, knife, matches, a small carrier, mosquito spray and something to drink is all you need to take on the trip. Dress for the conditions, but recommend long trousers and long sleeve shirt and a suitable jacket – waterproof hiking shoes are recommended.

Map and info will be sent by e-mail or SMS.

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Nature experiences are never guaranteed.

Although we try to recommend some periods we cannot guarantee that you will experience what you have come for, for example northern lights, animals since our success rate depends on Nature.

We therefore ask you to make allowances for any changes from the tour itinerary. If we are unable to offer a certain service due to an unforeseen situation, you will be offered a similar service.

Outdoor activities are also weather dependent. If we are forced to cancel an activity due to extreme weather conditions, an alternative activity suitable for the current conditions will be provided. Please note that changes may occur at a short notice.

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