Search for animal tracks

We will search for animal’s tracks, and hope to find tracks of Moose, Deer, Fox, Squirrel, Blackbird, Marten, Hare, Grouse and a lot more.

We have various alternatives on where to go, depending on the weather and conditions. We will take it easy and walk slowly, and take stops to study tracks, find out what kind of animal or bird its tracks off.  Enjoy the tour and the hot drinks we have brought along. There will usually be a short transport for these tours but we don’t need to go very far to find great places.

Practical information – available June through September.

– Price Adult NOK 600 – Child NOK 350 Payment by card or cash

– Tour includes professional guide, hot chocolate or coffee, snacks

– This tour takes around 3 hours walking.

– Transport not included. Will make reservation if needed

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Nature experiences are never guaranteed.

Although we try to recommend some periods we cannot guarantee that you will experience what you have come for, for example northern lights, animals since our success rate depends on Nature.

We therefore ask you to make allowances for any changes from the tour itinerary. If we are unable to offer a certain service due to an unforeseen situation, you will be offered a similar service.

Outdoor activities are also weather dependent. If we are forced to cancel an activity due to extreme weather conditions, an alternative activity suitable for the current conditions will be provided. Please note that changes may occur at a short notice.

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